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Food Delivery in Bulgaria's Stara Zagora | Takeaway.com

Stara Zagora has a fascinating history that begins in the Neolithic era. It exhibits its heritage at the Neolithic Dwellings Museum - a fascinating exploration of Stone Age households, jewellery and tools. The Roman Theatre is magnificently preserved and often hosts concerts in the summer. The Geo Milev House Museum explores the life of artist and writer, Milev. Stara Zagora is also a vibrant city with a world-class dining scene. Its many streets are lined with contemporary cafes that will lead you straight to the Roman ruins. The combination of the hip and the ancient weaves a unique Bavarian spell. The city is most famous for its beer, which was first brewed in 1902. As a contemporary food culture, it serves its share of global dishes, including the much-loved pizza. This Italian dish is the perfect accompaniment for Bavarian meat, so don’t be shy to experiment with local variations.

The history of pizza delivery in Stara Zagora

Pizza began as an ancient flatbread that was served with simple toppings that could be carried while eaten. It was only in the late 1800s that Naples produced the first mozzarella and tomato pizza toppings. Three billion pizzas are served every year in the US alone, and Bulgaria’s own chefs love to add their own unique ingredients. The dish even made an appearance in Virgil’s Aeneid, where it was served with herbs and mushrooms. The dish later became the food of the working classes, who needed a dish they could easily carry as they searched for work. Dumas wrote of it as a breakfast dish, but other literature includes pizza with horse’s milk cheese, basil, and whitebait.

Food delivery near you in Stara Zagora

Takeaway.com has assembled a wide list of pizza restaurants, catering to hungry customers from Chirpan to Galabovo, to Kazanka and beyond. Whether you’re craving a pizza or a more traditional Bulgarian meal, it can be delivered to your doorstep, even if you’re at the office or in your hotel room. When you order takeaway Stara Zagora will move beyond your expectations.

Order takeaway near you in Stara Zagora

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In the early modernist era, food critics related pizza to poverty, so it's only gained respect in recent years. It didn’t appear in cookbooks until the late 19th century. Today, it's beloved by food critics and gastronomers alike. Order the world’s favourite fast food with Takeaway.com today.