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Takeaway and food delivery in Bulgaria | Takeaway.com

Enjoy the Taste of the Balkans with Online Food Delivery | Takeaway.com

Located in Southeast Europe, Bulgaria is a growing European country with a rich culture and dynamic culinary scene. An increasingly popular destination for tourists, Bulgaria offers a great deal in terms of traditional delicacies. Anyone looking for foody solutions a little more familiar will be impressed by the selection offered on takeaway.com.

Whether you’re in Sofia, Plovdiv or any of Bulgaria’s main cities, it’s easy to find a cuisine of choice online. Providing food delivery online, with takeaway.com it’s easy to find the menu you’re longing for. Just type in your address, choose your restaurant and enjoy!

Enjoy a takeaway near you in Bulgaria

Whether you’re in Bulgaria for business or pleasure, Takeaway.com will make sure you’ll not go hungry. As well as the plethora of online dishes available, the foody culture in Bulgaria’s main cities is well-worth discovering, too.

As the country’s capital, Sofia is a booming tourist destination. Foodies will enjoy tasting the variety of German beers available from restaurants here, as well as the vegetable-rich local dishes. Fans of takeaway street food are recommended to try Strandjanka; this is a lengthy piece of bread coated in a meat paste.

It’s usual in Bulgaria to eat little during the day, but to really enjoy a hearty dinner. Rounding the day off in Bulgaria, a recommended dish is grilled meat. Similar in a way to a doner kebab, the kyufte or kebabche is a popular choice. Of course, Takeaway.com is the place to look if you’d like a genuine doner kebab delivered to you in Bulgaria.

Plovdiv is another of Bulgaria’s major cities. The second largest city in Bulgaria, visitors here will enjoy a rich choice in culinary delights. With international dishes easy to find, many restaurant here also boast Armenien cuisine. With a reliance on the freshness of ingredients, Armenien food isn’t too heavily spiced. Rather than rice and grains, bulgar is often used as an accompaniment to the meat, fish and vegetables. Notable dishes to try include kofta; a bulgar dish served with lamb and chopped vegetables. The desserts in Armenien restaurants are considered specialities, and often use honey. Enjoy Armenien food at any time of the day in Plvodiv by ordering online now using takeaway.com.

Visitors to Varna, Bulgaria’s next largest city, can really relish in the international foody choices here. A coastal city, Varna enjoys an influx of tourists and business people alike. As well as typical Bulgarian restaurants, American eateries are popular here, as well as pizza restaurants and burger joints.

Meat-free in Bulgaria

Vegetarians and non-meat eaters will be satisfied with the choice here. Bulgarian cuisine heavily relies on local and seasonal vegetables, as well as a range of dairy products. Renowned for its choice of salads, Bulgaria is a country where vegetable lovers will not go hungry. Salads such as the ovcharska and szezhanka are safe choices for non-meat eaters.

Order your meals online in Bulgaria

Anyone who’s exhausted all of the local offerings, or who just wants a comfortable choice, will really benefit from the options available at Takeaway.com. Easy to navigate and in English, ordering your meal from a takeaway near you couldn’t be easier:

  1. Enter your location
  2. Choose the restaurant of your liking
  3. Order your dishes and delivery
  4. Tuck in!

You can filter your results by price or cuisine. No matter where you are, you will still have access to Japanese Sushi, Greek menus and desserts, such as delicious ice cream!

With a diverse range of payment options, there’s no excuse not to order your takeaway online. Enjoy the most of your time in Bulgaria and benefit from the comforts of online food delivery today!