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Order Pizza Delivery in Ruse | Takeaway.com

Ruse is perched high over the Danube, so its ancient fortress seems to stand guard over Europe’s romantic river. This is a city that takes its cultural heritage seriously, so a passion for food leaks into every dish. When you order takeaway near you in Ruse, you become part of a gastronomic history that’s as rich as the city itself. Bulgaria’s traditional cuisine includes a range of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fish, so its pizza tends to borrow those flavours to reinterpret Italy's cuisine. You can, nonetheless, track down authentic Italian pizza, which is always served by thoughtful staff. Ruse might be world-class, but its service is small-town-friendly.

Order a slice of Italy from Takeaway.com: Your pizza delivery partner

If you’re looking for food delivery near you, you’ll find it with Takeaway.com. Ruse’s traditional dishes are dominated by chicken, lamb, and the famous Bulgarian mince, which is made from spiced veal. Pizza has a way of adopting the most beloved ingredients of the city it’s served in, so you’ll find mixed grill ingredients like peppers and eggplant on local menus. Try Ruse's take on pork and lamb, which is best served with a baked cheese pasty. You might even get the opportunity to sample the Balkans’ traditional mould cheese. Bulgarians adore oriental sweets, so don't forget to add some Baklava to your order.

Pizza might be classically Italian, but its history began in Greece, where flatbreads and naan were served on-the-go. It wasn’t until 1738 that it was prepared with a range of toppings. Naples was responsible for the first true pizzeria, but it was tourists, and not the Nepalese, who first popularised it. The Margherita was only born a century later when a chef called Raffaele Esposito created it for the Queen consort of Italy. Pizza was exported to the United States with Italian immigrants in 1905. Bulgaria might have begun serving pizza much later, but it’s won first prize in global pizza-making competitions. When you order the dish in Ruse, you can always expect world-class pizza.

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