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Order Takeaway in Belgium | Takeaway.com

Brussels is, for obvious reasons, one of the most culinary diverse places in Belgium. The reputation of the city as an international business hub and historical centre makes it a popular destination. The city offers every taste that you can think of from steak to seafood to Thai food. Areas around Rue Des Bouchers and Grand Place have some of the top restaurants in the city. The port city of Antwerp is the most populous and a hot spot for tourists. Restaurants line the streets from Reyndersstraat to Amerikalei to Karel Oomsstraat. Leuven is the beer capital of Belgium, and the cuisine is just as diverse as the brew. The city offers many dining solutions from Mediterranean cuisine to American. Regardless of where you are in Belgium, there is an eatery, cafe or restaurant that caters to your preference.

Get any dish from Takeaway.com

Belgian cuisine is varied, which is what makes it perfect. Whether you like your meals spicy or have a sweet tooth, a restaurant in Belgium has the perfect dish. Frites, or Belgian fries, are some of the local delicacies that you can enjoy. Order frites from your favourite 'friterie' and have them with your preferred sauce. Meatballs are some of the other common delicacies. They are usually a mix of pork and beef fried in butter then served with a blend of spices. Apart from the traditional dishes, you can find almost everything else in Belgium. Order sushi from authentic Japanese restaurants. You can also order halal food in Belgium or any other religious-compliant dishes.

Convenient food delivery in Belgium

Sometimes, online delivery service is the only thing between you and hunger. When you don't have time to cook or just don't feel like it, a delivery service can get you what you need. In Belgium, Takeaway.com is that platform. The food service delivery operates in different cities, from Brussels to Antwerp to Leuven, working with thousands of restaurants to get customers their meals. You can easily choose a restaurant near you and order Indian food, fast food or French pastries from anywhere.

How to order food near you in Belgium

The online delivery process at Takeaway.com is simple and efficient. In four steps, you can have food at your doorstep before you know it. Here's how:

  1. Enter your postal code on the search bar.
  2. Pick a restaurant in your location.
  3. Order your meal.
  4. Pay.

Takeaway.com offers several payment options, so customers can decide what works for them. Some restaurants have a tracking service available for customers who wish to monitor their orders. When you have an important food order, for instance, lunch for your office mates, it helps when you can track your delivery, while the time and money savings are considerable. Imagine if you had a few friends over for the weekend but don't want to go grocery shopping or cook? You can order burgers, tacos, your favourite desserts and anything else from anywhere in Belgium using Takeaway.com.