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Sushi Delivery Direct to Your Door in Belgium | Takeaway.com

The first nation to celebrate the elegant Japanese dish we now call “sushi” wasn’t its so-called inventors, but their neighbouring country, China. It might be luxury cuisine that's judged by its freshness today, but in the second century, sushi was a practical solution to food preservation. The fish was preserved with salt, then wrapped in fermented rice so that it could be enjoyed at a later date after its carbohydrate accompaniment was summarily discarded. Luckily, its portability allowed it to travel outside its borders, and Japan, with its passion for fish, fell in love with it. When you order sushi today, you’re eating Japan’s version of the dish, which it began developing the moment it entered the country in the 7th century. Local foodies didn’t like their rice to go to waste, so they were the first country to jazz it up with tasty rice wine vinegar. That let them eat their sushi fresh, but the dish still had a long way to travel before it became the dish you order from Takeaway.com in Antwerp, Leest or any other town in Belgium today.

How to order sushi online

The world has Hanaya Yohei to thank for its sushi delivery. He was the first person to hand press rice and fish into a single bite we now call “nigiri.” In the 18th century, Tokyo experienced a food stall boom, with chefs offering an ever-expanding menu of bite-sized dishes. Nigiri was a natural invention for Hanaya’s on-the-go street stall, but he soon set up a restaurant he named “Yohei Sushi.” Of course, the restaurant experienced booming trade, serving up nigiri with a dab of wasabi. The first maki and California rolls followed soon afterwards, wrapped in seaweed and rolled into bite-sized chunks. Before long, other restaurateurs and families began to invent their own versions of the food you order from a delivery service near you today. When the 1833 famine swept through Japan, Hanaya was arrested for serving luxury foods, but sushi's popularity was easy to recreate the instant the crisis ended, which is why you can still order it from a delivery service near you today.

Most Westerners eat sushi incorrectly. Chefs hate their diners to smother their dish in wasabi and soya sauce, which mask all of sushi’s delicate flavours. But you needn’t struggle with chopsticks as nigiri and maki are supposed to be eaten by hand with a sliver of ginger in-between bites to freshen the palate. Sashimi, however, is intended to be eaten with chopsticks. As a salute to your hardworking chef, try to combine several light dishes so that you can experience as many flavours as possible.

Sushi delivery made easy

Whether you’re whiling away your holiday hours Belgium or enjoy permanent residency, you’ll find plenty of sushi restaurants nearby to overwhelm you with options. Sushi delivery has never been simpler as Takeaway.com is designed to make ordering easy:

  1. Add your street address to the text box
  2. Select your restaurant, minimum order value, and shipping cost preference
  3. Choose your assortment of dishes
  4. Fill in your personal details and the time of delivery
  5. Select your payment method and prepare to enjoy!

Takeaway.com will deliver just the right dish for your tastebuds, whether you’re ordering in advance, at your hotel, or even from the office. From Rachecourt to Rulles, if you're in the mood for a delicacy that excites your tastes without adding inches to your hips, sushi is just the meal for you.

It’s rich in omega 3 acids, low in fat, and high in protein. No wonder it’s one of the most popular delicacies in the world! Order your sushi dish from Takeaway.com today and enjoy Japanese cuisine in a click!