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Chimichangas are a dish from Tex-Mex cuisine, which has its roots in the Southwestern United States. A chimichanga consists of a deep-fried burrito or a filled, rolled, and then fried wheat tortilla.

What are chimichangas?

Chimichangas (Pronounced: tji-mhi-tjan-gha) are a dish from Tex-Mex cuisine, which has its roots in the Southwestern United States. A chimichanga is a filled burrito or rolled wheat tortilla which is deep-fried and then served.

Whether or not the first burrito ever to end up in the frying pan was an accident or not is open to debate, but the fact that it happened in America, the land of fast-food and greasy dishes, will not surprise anyone. The dish appeared on American menus for the first time in the US state of Arizona sometime in the 1950s. The city of Tucson in Arizona still calls itself “the home of the chimichanga”.

Did you know...

For a long time, people thought that the word “chimichanga” meant something like “What is its name?” There are also sources that claim the word means Spanish snake or roasted monkey, which in itself sounds like an urban legend.

How to prepare chimichangas

First of all, a traditional burrito is prepared with a filling of your liking, often consisting of meat strips, vegetables, spices, cheese and tomato. The ingredients are rolled up in a wheat tortilla, the ends of which are fixed with a wooden skewer to keep the ingredients in. The burrito is then fried in a hot pan at about 200 degrees for three minutes until golden and crispy. A chimichanga can also be brushed with oil and baked in a hot oven. 

How to eat

Although chimichangas are served as a neat package, they are not so easy to eat. They are usually piping hot and often the melted cheese, sauce and filling drips out after the first bite. Eating them with a knife and fork is also messy but at least the mess will be on the plate and not on your shirt.

Please consider

Chimichangas are served in a variety of ways – with grated cheese on top, with tomato sauce, on a bed of iceberg lettuce or with a Mexican trio of sour cream, salsa and guacamole

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A regular burrito is a bit smaller but if you have a small appetite opt for tacos or quesadillas.

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