Tracking an order

What is Order Tracker?

We know that time can feel endless when you're waiting for your order to arrive, so being able to track your order progress should provide some reassurance. Our restaurants, stores and couriers use Order Tracke to display when:
- Your order is confirmed
- Your order is being prepared
- Your order is on the way
- Your order is arriving at your door

Please note that Order Tracker may not always give the exact information mentioned above when the restaurant, store or courier does not update their progress. You can still check the timer, though, to get an idea of the status of your order.

Where do I find Order Tracker?
Once you've completed your order, keep the app or browser window open, and Order Tracker® will appear automatically.

If you close it, you can find it by signing into your account. Go to the main menu and click or tap 'Orders'. You'll find your current order at the top of the page and a link to reopen Order Tracker.

No order history? No problem! Check your confirmation email for a link to Order Tracker.

Why don't I see anything moving on the map?

Not all restaurants, stores and couriers share their data with us; therefore, we cannot provide live updates for all orders. You'll still see a timer that shows the delivery time confirmed by the restaurant or store.

We're working on getting all restaurants and stores to share their data to provide detailed updates for all orders and a better tracking experience.

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