How do I use my Takeaway Pay balance?

How do I use my Takeaway Pay balance?

Paying with your allowance is easy! Just sign in to with the email address linked to your Takeaway Pay allowance. You can then select collection or delivery, choose your items and continue to the checkout page.

Your allowance will already be selected to pay for your order. If your allowance doesn't cover the entire order, you will need to choose an additional payment method to pay for the remaining amount.

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What if I want to pay in store for something that exceeds my daily balance?
If you want to order something that exceeds your daily Takeaway Pay allowance, you can use an alternative, additional payment method to make up the difference on the checkout page....
Why can’t I use my Takeaway Pay balance at restaurants that only accept cash payments?
Takeaway Pay is an online payment method. Therefore, restaurants and stores that only take cash cannot accept orders paid with your balance.
Why isn't my Takeaway Pay balance available right now?
Your company or event organiser may set restrictions on when and/or where you can use your Takeaway Pay balance. For further information, please get in touch with your Takeaway Pa...
What is my Takeaway Pay balance?
With Takeaway Pay, your employer provides you with a digital balance that you can use to order food and beverages on the platform. If you want a quick snack, lunch, or...
My balance disappeared! How can I get it back?
Your balance might disappear when you've changed your order at the last minute. This is a security measure to prevent fraduelant activites. Don't worry, it will return soon...
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