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Order Food Delivery in Vaslui Online | Takeaway.com

Eastern Romania is bordered by the Carpathian Mountains, so the towns in the region have the kind of breathtaking scenery you’ve probably never associated with the nation. Vaslui is a tiny, yet exquisite, Moldavian city perched right between Tutova and the Moldavia Plateau. It’s preserved its natural heritage with extreme care, so it provides all the wild hiking trails you could wish for. You might even be lucky enough to see a few wild boars and foxes. Solesti Lake is set in a lush plateau perfect for picnics and walks. Once you’ve explored the countryside, take a trip to the charming Malinesti Monastery. Although Vaslui is a small town, it doesn’t skimp on food culture. Most of its restaurants are in between Strada Calugareni and the eastern highway. The city has several Romanian options as well as its share of Italian establishments. Classic casual fare is also offered, so if you’re looking for some comfort food, this is your spot.

Food Delivery in Vaslui

Vaslui will take you on an unusual gastronomic adventure through Romanian cuisine. The nation's food is built around several important ingredients. Romanian cheese is prepared inside tree bark, so it remains moist and delicious as it ages. Pastrami is another key ingredient that originated in Romania, while cabbage rolls are the national dish and are served with rice and minced pork. Tripe soup is a divisive dish but well worth trying. In contrast, Balmos is soft and creamy with a buttery undertone. It’s prepared with cornflower and fermented cheese, then topped with sweet cheese and butter. Bacon enthusiasts are sure to adore Jumari - a smoked bacon and greaves dish spiced up with paprika and garlic. It’s the perfect appetiser, but mititei deserves a try, too. It’s a dish made from caseless sausages and pepper and is usually served with bread and mustard. If you have a taste for meatballs, Vaslui offers its own version made from ground pork, garlic, and bay leaves.

How to order food online

Takeaway.com delivers to Vaslui and neighbouring areas such as Alba, Cluj and Olt. With a tracking option for certain restaurants and a handy app you can download to your phone, getting food delivered to your office, hotel, or home couldn’t be easier:

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Takeaway.com always puts your cravings first and has a range of payment options available. Order takeaway in Vaslui for a quick and convenient way to sate your hunger.