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Order Takeaway in Suceava: Romania’s Finest Secret | Takeaway.com

Suceava is a city of contrasts, blending history with contemporary art and modern lifestyles. As Moldavia’s second-largest town, it plays a central role in Romania’s past, so its secrets are hidden in its many museums and citadels. You’ll learn about its people at the Ethnographic Museum and its clutch of world-famous churches. The city lies right on the cusp of monastery country, so its many churches are central to Romanian life. Some of its religious buildings were commissioned by Stephen the Great, whose famous alliance with Vlad the Impaler has captured imaginations for centuries. The Royal Citadel is a rugged 14th-century building that was erected in the 14th century, so it should form part of any historical tour. The city also has fascinating gastronomy, so this is an opportunity to experience one of the world’s most original approaches to cuisine.

Food delivery in Suceava


Suceava’s cuisine takes its influences from neighbouring countries like France, Vienna, and Germany. Its famous cheese pastries are delightfully rich, so they’re the perfect sightseeing snack. Romania’s delicacies are often BBQ roasted and charred. Vegetarians will adore Zacusca, a red pepper and eggplant dip sold everywhere from five-star establishments to supermarkets. Try some zesty fish roe in the form of a dip or snack on moreish Jumari: pork rinds prepared with onion. Suceava’s deep-fried cheese is usually made with a mild, breaded Cascaval. Salami was brought to Romania through an Italian migrant, so when you order pizza, you can expect high-quality pork toppings. Suceava locals adore rolled meats, which they prepare with coriander and black pepper. Beer sausages are usually served with sundried tomato-infused potatoes - a dish that will inspire you to recreate when you get home. Suceava’s take out spots serve delicious pizzas, local fare, and home cooking. No visit is complete without street food, of course, and even Suceava burgers have a unique edge as they are often served with flat, round fries.

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