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Constanta lies on the shores of the Black Sea and is one of the most important cities in Romania. The history of the city goes back 2,000 years and is the largest in the Dobruja region. Constanta's historical significance makes it one of the most visited areas in the country. It offers many attractions, including the ruins of Tomis. The National History & Archaeological Museum, Naval History Museum and Art Museum are just some of the sights that display the heritage of Constanta.

Enjoy traditional dishes in Constanta

The city has an impressive selection of restaurants that serve diverse menus from vegan to seafood to fast food. The areas near the shoreline have some of the best restaurants to cater to the tourist crowd. From Bd. Regina Elisabeta to Strada Stefan cel Mare to Strada Mircea cel Batran, the streets have restaurants of all calibre lined up. Indeed, Constanta makes it easy to expand your culinary tastes with its diverse cuisine. Local delicacies are available at just about any eatery, restaurant and diners. The region has flavour-rich soups and salads, while seafood and vegetables characterise Romanian cuisine in general. Stuffed cabbage rolls are considered a national dish. Jumari, which is smoked bacon and greaves, is a common appetiser that you can order from any place with a traditional Romanian menu.

Order your favourite meals for delivery

The cuisine in Constanta isn't limited to Romanian delicacies. If you want to order Chinese food, you can find an authentic restaurant in Constanta. If you love Italian, you can find a place to order pasta, risotto and other dishes. Due to its location near the Black Sea, Constanta has great Mediterranean restaurants. From mussels to shrimp, menus serve a host of seafood dishes. American-style fast food is also readily available. Order pizza, burgers and fried chicken anywhere in Constanta. For people on specialist diets, Constanta has several places where you can order halal and kosher foods.

How to order delivery

Imagine getting home after a tiresome day and having to figure out what to cook. This situation can be stressful, especially when you don't have enough time to get everything done. An online food delivery service like Takeaway.com comes in handy at this point. Takeaway gives you the flexibility of ordering food from different restaurants in Constanta. The process itself is simple:

  1. Enter your address in the search bar.
  2. Pick a restaurant.
  3. Order your meal.
  4. Pay.
  5. Wait!

For payment, Takeaway offers more than one option for customers. The delivery service also has a tracking system for selected restaurants. With this tool, you can monitor delivery from anywhere. Takeaway.com is a well laid out site that makes navigation easy for users. For example, if you want to get restaurant information in a certain part of Constanta, you can quickly navigate to that location page. Order takeaway of your favourite dishes from all over Constanta.