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Deliver food on our e-bike, or your own bike or scooter! 🛵🚲

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Your benefits

Flexible workhours

  • You decide the days and hours you would like to work!
  • You can simply schedule your time on our app every week.

Good salary and bonus

  • You will get an hourly salary, so you will also get paid during the waiting time.
  • Performance bonus: the more you ride, the more you earn!


  • Drive around the city and let our app guide you!
  • An outdoor job where you can enjoy the fresh air and sport moderately.

How it works


Why work for Takeaway.com?

  • Hourly pay and a proper employment contract
  • A support team to ensure a good work experience
  • Real insurance, we got you covered
  • All the flexibility you need to do what you want


It's freedom to be in constant motion. No day is ever the same because you're always working in different areas of the city and meeting different people.


Food is present in the best moments of our lives. For me personally, working for Takeaway.com really brings me happiness.


I'm Italian and I'm a healthcare professional, so that's the reason that I chose to work for Takeaway.com: the most ecological company in Lisbon!


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