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Order Pizza in Belfast

Hungry for pizza? Yeah? In that case, you have come to the right website! We have a wide range of pizzerias you can order pizza from. This includes local Belfast pizza restaurants. Order pizza online from Takeaway.com.

Perhaps you would like to get a chicken pizza? Or perhaps you prefer a bbq pizza? Our website features a big selection of pizza takeaway restaurants in Belfast. So, you can be certain you can order your favourite pizza online!

Order pizza online in Belfast: it's simple, quick and secure

Who still orders their takeaway by phone? It's old-fashioned! Order pizza online! It's the way of the future! And you know why? It's simple, safe and fast!

When you order by phone, errors are easily made. You don't have to worry about people making errors with your order, when you order online. And there is no time pressure either. You can view the restaurant's menu for as long as you want!

There is no need to step outside to face the cold English weather, or to grab the telephone. Order pizza online, from the comfort of your own home. Just get behind your computer and visit our site!

Order pizza online in Belfast: pay online

To order pizza online is as easy as (pizza) pie!If you want to see which restaurants in Belfast distribute to your house, just enter your postcode.

Select a restaurant, look through their menu at your your leisure, and choose your pizza. If you order a side dish (delectable chicken fingers!) and a beverage, you will have a full meal. Place your order, and the restaurant will take care of the rest. It really is that easy!

You can even pay for your favourite pizza online, with credit card or PayPal. Pretty convenient, don't you think? Of course, you can pay for your order with cash too.

So, why wait any longer? You could be relishing a freshly made pizza within only 45-60 minutes!