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In the mood for a scrumptious dinner? Order kebab online! Wellingborough has a lot of takeaway restaurants. Ordering kebab online couldn't be simpler. If you want to find out what restaurants in Wellingborough deliver to your doorstep, all you have to do is enter your postcode!

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Kebab is very popular in the United Kingdom. What's better than having a kebab after a long night out? Lots of kebab shops do their main business after and around closing time of local pubs and clubs. When do you like to eat kebab?
Döner kebab, meaning rotating kebab in Turkish, is a dish consisting of sliced lamb, beef or chicken, which has been gradually roasted on a vertical rotating spit. It was in the 19th century in Bursa that Turkish döner kebab was invented. It is often eaten with pita bread, however it can also be served with chips and a salad.

Why still order your kebab by telephone? It's much simpler and quicker to order kebab online. And fewer errors can be made with your order when you order online!

What kind of kebab are you in the mood for tonight? Döner kebab? Or are you in the mood for shish kebab? Order any kind of kebab online! It's never been easier to order kebab online.

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Type in your postcode to discover which takeaway restaurants in Wellingborough deliver to your area. You can select a restaurant from the long list of restaurants that will appear. You can take all the time you want to read the restaurant's menu, there is no time pressure when you order online.

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