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Senior Product Owner - Back Office Marketing (m/f/d) - Berlin

Within Back Office we create products and services to empower the colleagues of our internal departments to do their best possible work and achieve their goals. You'll be responsible for the team that supports our Marketing department, and report to the Back Office Product Lead, both located in Amsterdam.

About the job

Within Back Office we create products and services to empower the colleagues of our internal departments to do their best possible work and achieve their goals. You'll be responsible for the team that supports our Marketing department, and report to the Back Office Product Lead, both located in Amsterdam.

There are many marketing-related activities that require a deep integration with our platform and internal systems. That's where we come in. Together with your Product Lead, you'll align with Marketing directors and managers on their overall strategy and translate this into quarterly OKRs for your team. Working with relevant stakeholders and users you find the right opportunities to pursue that will contribute the most to reaching these results.

The team you'll be working with is relatively new and we're actively hiring more people to complete a well-balanced product-development team existing of a UX researcher, UX designer, Product Analyst, frontend and backend developers, QA, and a Scrum Master. You'll be an important part of this process, and will also be a key factor in shaping and optimizing the team, its processes, and performance.

The work that you'll do will be rewarding, but also challenging. Our company is growing quickly, we work in a fast-paced environment, and we're always faced with more work than we have the capacity for. There are many requests and expectations that need to be constantly managed. People will be demanding your attention at all times. Priorities change. You'll face many practical obstacles along the way. It requires the right kind of experience, mindset and skills to handle these challenges, not lose focus, and not get overworked.

The type of products and projects you'll work on:

  • Supporting CRM with creating, implementing, and optimizing solutions for retaining customers on all our platforms;

  • Build intuitive and efficient marketing-related tools within our internal CMS;

  • Create our own loyalty programs and set up integrations with external ones;

  • Work with SEO and SEA on services that will improve performance-related KPIs;

  • Align with Partner Services to create products and services beneficial to improving the retention, engagement, and loyalty of our restaurant partners.

Some of your day-to-day activities will include:

  • Managing the continuous Product Discovery process. Align with your UX researcher and Product Analyst on user research and data analyses. Investigate potential opportunities relevant to the OKRs and how these can be measured and validated. Include your UX designer, developers and all relevant stakeholders in the ideation process. Create and manage prototyping and other testing methods to assert the viability of possible solutions, to ultimately decide what's worth investing development time in.

  • Work with and always be available for your developers to make sure they have all the information and requirements they need to create and work on technical JIRA tickets for continuous Product Delivery. Actively manage their backlog to ensure that the right priorities are set during the sprint planning, and value is delivered in short iterations after each sprint.

  • Periodically touch base with the Scrum Master to make sure that things are on track during the sprint, the team is functioning at peak performance, and they're not held up by any dependencies or other issues. Incorporate check-ins on the overall progress towards the team's Key Results, and intervene if necessary.

  • Work with relevant stakeholders to stay aligned with their goals and needs, keep them informed about what your team is working on, and manage their expectations accordingly. Include them in sprint reviews for short feedback cycles.

  • Create a vision for and manage the roadmap of your products and periodically align these with your Product Lead, to agree on the overall direction and important product-related decisions that need to be made.

You won't be micromanaged. We set goals together and make sure expectations are clear. This gives you and the team the freedom and responsibility to shape and approach things as you see fit, as long as the results are there. However, we don't care about meaningless statistics either. We're here to add real value for our colleagues. Understanding users, solving the problems they're facing, and helping them achieve their goals is always front and center.

About you

The work done within our Marketing department impacts millions of customers on a daily basis and is of huge importance to our company. We're looking for someone who has experience and a strong affinity with marketing-related products and projects. Experience in the food industry is a big plus. You're able to identify with Marketing's needs, while staying critical about how their goals and requests fit into the bigger picture, and the impact they will have on other departments and our product as a whole.

You have an academic degree and at least 4 years of experience with product management while working in multidisciplinary teams. You've worked on many different products and projects, large and small, and had your share of successes and failures. You know what it takes to form and lead a team. You have the technical background and experience to effectively communicate with your developers and assess technical solutions.

You are focused, analytical, and detail-oriented. You value high-quality work, both from yourself and others. At the same time you are practical, and recognize that we sometimes need to take shortcuts or move forward with imperfect solutions to get things done. You're able to aptly decide when this is the case.

You will thrive in this role and company if you're proactive and committed. You take initiative and don't sit around and wait for something to happen. You can break down large and complex problems into small and manageable chunks, remove any impediments, and inspire others to always be working on the next most important thing.

You have excellent communication skills and your English is perfect. You're able to convey a clear and concise message, tell compelling stories, and can easily adapt these depending on your audience. This makes you an effective link between the many different stakeholders you'll be working with. You're also a good listener and are able to take in, synthesize, and apply all the relevant information that you collect.

We value people with strong opinions, while staying humble. You're not afraid to defend your position, but know that it's never about being right. You are direct, but never offensive. You're always open to feedback and positive criticism, and will give that to others as well. You're curious and always looking to learn. You know your own limitations and biases, and aren't afraid to ask for help when needed.

Last but not least, you are passionate about product management and everything related to it. You keep up with modern techniques, methods, best practices, and apply these in your own work. You value outcomes over output. You have experience with design thinking, prototyping, are fully on board with the lean startup methodology, and understand where agile and Scrum fit in.

You'll be joining a Product department with energetic, motivated, proactive, and collaborative people. We're a diverse and inclusive group, which is something we really value and look for in all new candidates.

Within the Back Office vertical you'll work closely with five other Product Owners, each with a team focused on a different department or set of users, products and services. Apart from practical alignments, we also regularly reflect on the performance of ourselves, our teams, share knowledge and experiences, and are constantly trying to improve the way we work.

We're looking for a colleague who's in it for the long run, to build a solid career for themselves, and a durable and effective team and company.

Pay and benefits

  • Takeaway.com is a dynamic, fast-growing, and international e-commerce company with flat hierarchies and a professional and culturally diverse team.
  • We offer a competitive salary, there's a company contribution toward your pension savings, as well as for travel costs with the amount of a BVG subscription.
  • Our Berlin office can be found at an attractive location close to Potsdamer Platz, includes a roof terrace, and in our kitchen you'll find plenty of space to relax with table football, billiards, and a Playstation.
  • We arrange global company-wide team events like a summer beach party, skiing trip, and we have quarterly meetups with the entire Product team. We also support following workshops, attending conferences and training seminars, and provide in-house German language courses.

How to apply

We receive many applications, and we're not looking for just a boilerplate resume. Please take some time to write a motivational letter, and we'll give it our full attention. Explain why you're applying to this company, this specific role, and what makes you the right person for this position. Include something about yourself and your experiences that tells us how you'll fit in with our expectations, values and culture, and what you'll be able to contribute.

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