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Corporate Solutions

Delivering joy to businesses.

Our B2B food delivery story began in 2018 in Tel Aviv and continues growing today, in Europe.

With this solution, companies can wave goodbye to canteens and give their employees an extra benefit: a wide selection of tasty meals for lunch, dinner, or much-loved snack time.

At the end of the day, food makes us all happier, and we are pleased to bring that bit of joy to companies across Europe and Israel.

New solutions, new opportunities.

Our delivery business is very well established for consumers. Now, we will use our talented team to grow our business further.  

This new addition to our portfolio will not only be a great opportunity for our clients, it will also be an excellent development path for passionate colleagues who are ready to see this business skyrocket! 

Needless to say, there are plenty of growth opportunities at our Corporate Solutions team.

Combining our innovative technology with our (local) market knowledge, we aim to boost the employee experience. Whether it's a business lunch, a daily snack, or a late night meeting dinner, Takeaway.com's goal is to keep all employees happy and productive. Join our team and help us transform this goal into an undeniable reality!
Mark Koot, Head of B2B Sales Europe