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This is Takeaway.com

From an attic to a leading online delivery marketplace

As Takeaway.com, we are proud to be the leading food delivery marketplace in continental Europe. Ever since we started, way back in 2000 in our CEO’s attic, we’ve focused relentlessly on our purpose: to connect hungry consumers and great restaurants through our platform. Today we are an international group of dedicated, passionate people who are honoured to say: “We are Takeaway.com.”

How our business works

Our restaurant clients deliver food themselves, with the Takeaway.com platform serving as a source of orders and facilitating the online payment process. The marketplace is available for consumers through mobile applications and via our website. We mainly earn our money from commissions on the food ordered through our platform and, to a lesser extent, from fees for online payment services.

Takeaway.com as an employer

Yes, we’re listed on the stock exchange. And we’re a big, international company. But, in a way, we’re also still a startup. Our people are a dynamic and creative force, who can and do get things done. We fully support this by empowering them, trusting them, giving them responsibility and by helping them achieve personal and professional growth. And to make everyone at Takeaway.com feels right at home, we offer some of the best perks around, including an annual ski trip, a huge summer event at the beach, fresh fruit every day and the Friday drink.

Why we enjoy coming to work

Reasons why we enter the office with a smile

  1. Never a dull moment because no two days are the same. Truly.
  2. Every role lets you reveal your true potential.
  3. You get to work on brilliant projects that others envy.
  4. Good vibes, with a dynamic, international team on a mission.
  5. We think differently, we’re trustworthy and we’re constantly reinventing ourselves.
  6. We listen to everyone to deliver the best performance for our customers.
  7. Ownership. Flexibility. Fun. Fresh fruit. Great coffee
  8. Our actions are based on insight, not luck (although we’re lucky too!).
  9. We’re scalable, practical and agile.
  10. We have fabulous team events and the office locations are great.