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  • Easy to use Marketing Tools that boost your business when you need it

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  • Complimentary menu photoshoot! Professional photos help increase sales

  • Track, plan, and manage your orders and couriers easily with the Courier App

  • Joining Takeaway made a huge impact on our turnover. Giuseppe Cimino, Luca & Papa

    Joining Takeaway made a huge impact on our turnover. Even though we already had a delivery system before joining JET, the gap between before and after collaborating with you is stunning. We always felt supported by the team, and the fact that there's only one phone number (Account Manager) that can give all the needed answers is an absolute ease. We always try to reward the customers that order via We noticed that small gifts make them order even more than before on your platform, so we often send small presents (small bakeries, free drinks, etc).

  • Working with has brought my business many new customers Miroslav Radojcic, Frituur Milo Aalst

    Working with has brought my business, Frituur Milo, many new customers. The new customers even come to order directly to the restaurant. I have seen our turnover double so very quickly. I'm extremely happy where I am now with my business and that's all thanks to I find the ability to order supplies for my business through the webshop very convenient. I have already bought e-bikes, delivery bags and packaging materials of excellent quality. I am very focused on getting good reviews on I notice when my reviews are good, I receive even more orders. So good quality of both food and delivery is a must for me.

  • My partnership with has massively increased my restaurant visibility in the area. Hakki Yaramis, Pizza Pasta Concept

    My partnership with has massively increased my restaurant visibility in the area. I also now have more exposure in neighboring cities. This means I am now reaching many more customers, which has positively impacted my turnover. We are building customer loyalty because we deliver quality meals quickly and warmly.

How long does it take for your restaurant to go online after signing up?

After you sign up, we contact you within 24 hours to ensure you have everything you need to get started.

How can you manage your restaurant on the platform?

Once you've signed up, you get your login details for your Partner Hub where you can control everything from opening hours to menu discounts.

How do you get your delivery supplies?

Our Partner Webshop is exclusively available to restaurants on the platform. Beyond delivery supplies, the Partner Webshop combines the best deals on all sorts of other supplies and equipment necessary for your restaurant.

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