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What drives you?

Competitive salary and order-based bonus

You will earn a fixed hourly salary, be fully insured and be able to earn an order-based bonus after your 25th delivery each month.

Control your own time

You decide the days and hours you would like to work!

Always feel supported.

Trust your City Coordinator to take good care of you, and feel free to give feedback – we want you to have a positive work experience.

Paid holidays

We all need time to relax. This is what you should be able to focus on without having to worry about your salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't heard anything on my application. What should I do?

Sorry to hear that! If you haven't heard anything, click here and send us a message on Facebook and our Social Media team will let the Human Resources team know.

How old do I need to be to work as a driver?

You need to be at least 18 years of age.

What documents do I need to work as a driver for Takeaway.com?

You will need a valid work permit in Europe in order to work as a driver for Takeaway.com.

Do you pay per hour?

Yes! We believe in a fair system in which you get paid even in your waiting time. Of course, you will receive a proper work contract.

My city is not listed but I would like to work for you. What can I do?

If your city is not listed that means that we don't have Takeaway.com drivers there, but that the restaurants deliver the food themselves. We'll love to receive your application if you ever move to / or close to one of our listed cities.

Do you have a telephone number?

Unfortunately, the only way of reaching our recruiters is by sending your application via our website, and they will contact you once they have reviewed your application. Feel free to send us a message on Facebook if you have any questions regarding the driver job. 

I have other questions. How can I reach out to you?

You can always send us a message on Facebook!