How do I pay for my order?

  1. Cash (exact amount or more)
    Select 'cash' on the checkout page and then pay the driver at your doorstep.

  2. Credit card (American Express/Master Card/ VISA)
    Select 'American Express', 'Master Card' or 'Visa' on the checkout page. Click on 'Place order'. You will then be redirected to's secure SSL pages to complete the payment. Once the payment is confirmed, the order arrives in our system and is directly communicated to the restaurant. Unfortunately we can't process credit card payments before 10:00 AM or after 10:50 PM. The reason behind this measure is to make sure that our Customer Services staff is present to properly handle and control all credit card payments.

  3. Bank Card at Home.
    Several restaurants offer the possibility to pay your order with your bank card from your doorstep with the use of their portable bank card terminal. In order to do this please select "Bank card at home". The delivery person will bring along the portable bank card terminal which you will be able to use to pay your order with your card.

  4. PayPal
    Select 'PayPal'on the checkout page. Click on 'Place order'. You will be redirected to the secured PayPal-forms, where you can follow its instructions. Once the payment is confirmed, the order arrives in our system and is directly communicated to the restaurant. only allows payments from verified PayPal users. You can verify your account when you log on to PayPal.

  1. PayPal Reference Payment
    If you are logged into your customer account on, you can chose to link your PayPal account details with your customer account. This option is offered on the final page. After you have successfully linked the two accounts and paid for your order with PayPal, your PayPal account details will have been saved. This means that the next time you place an order with (and are logged in to your customer account), you do not need to fill in your PayPal account details nor verify your payment again. It is always possible to remove the PayPal account details from your customer account. This option is available in the final page when you have logged into your customer account and chosen the PayPal payment option.

  2. Bitcoin
    Select the "Bitcoin" option and click "place order". You will then be redirected to our payment provider for Bitcoin, Bitpay . Here you will open your Bitcoin wallet and a payment request is sent. Bitcoins are traded for your payment of the order. To convert the Bitcoin payment, the current price of Bitpay is used. After a successful completion of your payment with Bitpay, you will be returned to our website. Your order enters our system and will be forwarded directly to the restaurant . Payments using Bitcoins do not have a transaction fee. In order to pay with Bitcoin, you need to install a digital wallet which is possible through special programs and apps that you can download.

How much does it cost to pay online?

• Credit card: £ 0.50 on the total amount of the order.
• Debit card: £ 0.50 on the total amount of the order
• PayPal: £ 0.50 on the total amount of the order

These costs will be added to your order once you have selected a payment method. This covers the fees that banks charge for online payments. There are also costs due to the processing of the payment. Since is only an intermediary between the consumer and the restaurant, we ask the consumers to pay small transaction costs.

Why do I have to pay transaction costs? is only an intermediary between you, the consumer, and the restaurant. As there is minimal financial gain we receive from each order, we must charge for the use of an online payment method. The costs cover the technical maintenance of the online payments, the transaction fees that banks charge, and our administrative costs for processing payments.

All websites charge these costs but they often directly add them to the sending and/or administrative costs. We choose to separate these costs so that the customers who are willing to use an online payment method have to pay them. We thank you for your understanding.

My online payment failed.

If you think the online payment has failed, always check if you have received a confirmation email. This email will enable you to see if your order has been submitted and if the order is already paid for or not.

The confirmation e-mail is directly sent once the payment is complete. This may take a little longer if the payment is being processed by the bank, the credit card company or any other payment company. This can take up to 15 minutes.

If after 15 minutes you still have no confirmation email in your inbox, contact our customer service. They will tell you if the order and the payment have succeeded.

How secure are online payments on

When processing online payments on we use secure SSL pages. This means that these pages ensure the protection of your personal and payment details. This way you can be sure that this information is only visible to you and to us, for the processing of your order.

How do I add a voucher to my order?

You can add a discount voucher to your order when filling in the order details in step 4. By clicking on 'Add voucher' a pop-up will open in which you can insert your voucher code. The discount on your order will be calculated instantly.

Our vouchers can only be used in combination with an online payment. Vouchers can never be paid out in cash.

What happens with my online payment after cancelation of my order?

If you cancel your order in time (before the restaurant is proceeding to deliver the order), or if or the restaurant cancels your order, the paid amount will be refunded to your bank account or credit card. Depending on the chosen payment method this process can take up to 10 days maximum. If you have paid using Bitcoins, please note that we do require your IBAN bank account number in order to refund the order amount. Please note If you wish to cancel your order and the restaurant already proceeded to cook and deliver your order we will be unable to refund your payment.

If you think you're entitled to a refund please contact our customer service.

At what rate is my Bitcoin payment settled?

Bitcoin payments are charged at the then current price of our payment provider Bitpay.

How will my Bitcoin payment be refunded if the order is (partially) cancelled?

If you paid for your order using Bitcoin and the order is cancelled, the refund is paid back to you in GBP as your original Bitcoin payment was converted into GBP . Therefore the Bitcoin rate at the time of your order, is the rate used for the refund. This amount will be refunded to a regular bank account . If you cancel our customer service department will ask for your IBAN account number and the name on this account. The details of the account must match the name with which the original order was placed.