The Fish Restaurant|Рибния Ресторант

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Popularne ❤️

Spring menu

  • Classic spinach salad

    fresh baby spinach, granary smith apples, apple cider dressing, bacon and walnuts / 400 rp.

    15,40 lv.

  • Spring salad of finely chopped vegetables

    green salad, cucumber, tomatoes, salted butter, baked bacon, purple onion, radishes, boiled chickpeas, cheese and pine nuts 350 g.

    17,40 lv.

  • Salad with arugula and fresh asparagus

    arugula, edamame, fresh asparagus, parmesan flakes, panko and lemon juice dressing / 300 g.

    17,40 lv.

  • Spinach salad with beets

    baby spinach, red beets, goat cheese and glazed pine nuts Nuts in maple syrup / 350 g.

    16,40 lv.

  • Garden salad

    tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted peppers, cow's cheese, purple onion, lv olives / baby spinach, red beetroot, goat cheese and glazed pine nuts Nuts in maple syrup / 350 g.

    13,40 lv.

  • Veal and asparagus risotto

    arborio rice, beef tenderloin, fresh asparagus / 350 g

    15,40 lv.

  • risotto with mushrooms

    arborio rice, mushrooms and mushrooms 350 g.

    13,40 lv.

  • Pasta with peas and asparagus

    / fresh Italian tagliatelle, peas, asparagus, purple onion, lemon peel, cream and a mix of herbs / 350 g

    13,40 lv.

  • Chocolate souffle with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries

    8,40 lv.

  • Cake of the week

    9,40 lv.


  • Shopska Salad

    tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, grated cheese 350g

    13,40 lv.

  • Mix of fresh salads with shrimps


    16,40 lv.

  • Classic Caesar with chicken fillet


    14,40 lv.

  • Classic Caesar with schrimps


    17,40 lv.

  • Caprese Salad

    tomato, mozzarella, arugula, pine nuts and homemade pesto 350g

    13,40 lv.

  • Greek Salad


    12,40 lv.

  • Vitamin Salad


    13,40 lv.

  • Tzatziki


    11,40 lv.


  • Zucchini in Greek style with garlic sauce


    14,40 lv.

  • Halumi


    10,40 lv.

  • Rolls from fresh salmon

    cream cheese, arugula, cucumber and caviar 250g

    14,40 lv.

  • Bruschetta with smoked salmon and goat cheese


    14,40 lv.

  • Breaded chicken fillets with cornflakes and garlic sauce


    15,40 lv.

  • Bruschetti with Concasse tomatoes

    Fresh basil, garlic, fennel, parsley and walnuts 250g

    12,40 lv.


  • Homemade tarama caviar


    13,40 lv.

  • Smoked mackerel fish pate

    Sour cream, cream cheese and lime juice 150g

    13,40 lv.

  • Thyrokafteri


    13,40 lv.


  • Shrimp tails in oil in a pan with aromatic wine, fennel and garl


    23,00 lv.

  • Pan-glazed Shrimp Tails In Mango Sauce / Slightly Spicy /


    23,00 lv.

  • Grilled king prawns with canapés of mixed Italian salads and che


    35,50 lv.


  • Squid on a plate

    glazed in mango sauce / Lightly spicy / 200g.

    18,40 lv.

  • Greek calamari

    with tartar sauce 200g

    17,40 lv.

  • Squid on a plate with herbs

    with a mix of herbs 200g

    17,40 lv.

  • Stuffed squid with black tiger prawns,

    giant tentacle, surimi and Black Sea mussels 450g

    26,40 lv.


  • Grilled octopus on a canapé

    canapé of Italian salad mix, cherry tomatoes and fresh rosemary 200 g

    38,40 lv.


  • Sea bass fillet

    garnished with fresh asparagus, butter-lemon sauce and mashed potatoes 300g

    30,40 lv.

  • Grilled bream

    garnished with baked potatoes, fresh dill and grilled cherry tomatoes 350g

    22,40 lv.

  • Salmon fillet

    garnished with rice mix and fresh asparagus 300g

    24,40 lv.

  • Crispy white fish fillet

    with fried potatoes and tartar sauce 350g

    17,40 lv.

  • Trout fillet

    garnished with baked potatoes, fresh dill and roasted cherry tomatoes 350g

    17,40 lv.

  • Crispy vatos


    17,40 lv.

Pasta and risotto

  • Pasta Fruti di Mare

    fresh tagliatelle pasta with shrimps, squid, surimi, mussels, cream, fennel, parmesan, cherries, tomatoes and a mix of herbs 400g

    18,40 lv.

  • Fresh pasta with shrimps

    Tagliatelle with shrimps and arabiata sauce 400g

    18,40 lv.

  • Risotto Fruti di mare

    arborio rice with shrimps, squid, surimi, mussels, mix of herbs, garlic oil and parmesan 400g

    18,40 lv.

  • Lemon risotto

    with salmon fillet, lemon peel, ginger, mix of herbs, garlic oil, fennel and parmesan 400g

    17,40 lv.

Main dishes

  • Grilled chicken fillet

    with homemade mashed potatoes 300g

    20,40 lv.

  • Pork chop

    with sauteed potatoes and braten jus sauce 350g

    24,40 lv.


  • Beef pepper steak

    baked with butter and herbs, served with pepper sauce and mashed potatoes 350g

    37,40 lv.


  • Steamed veggies


    5,40 lv.

  • Homemade fries


    5,00 lv.

  • Sauteed potatoes


    5,40 lv.

  • Tomatoes and cucumbers


    4,00 lv.

  • Mashed potatoes


    6,40 lv.


  • Homemade biscuit cake

    8,10 lv.

  • Greek dessert Kormo

    7,10 lv.


  • Pancake with chocolate

    4,50 lv.

  • Pancake with honey and walnuts

    5,00 lv.

  • Pancake with jam

    5,40 lv.

Sushi combo sets

  • Hosomaki set

    cucumber and Philadelphia 8 pcs., avocado and Philadelphia 8 pcs., smoked salmon 8 pcs., tuna 8 pcs., salmon 8 pcs., daikon 8 pcs. 48 pcs.

    32,49 lv.

  • Salmon set

    nigiri salmon 2 pcs., futomaki salmon 2 pcs., hosomaki salmon 8 pcs., tataki salmon roll 4 pcs./ 20 pcs.

    29,05 lv.

  • Smoky set

    Futomaki smoked salmon 6 pcs, Nigiri tataki salmon 2 pcs, Hosomaki smoked salmon 8 pcs, Japanese forest 4 pcs / 20 pcs.

    30,99 lv.

  • Philadelphia set

    uramaki philadelphia salmon 4pcs, uramaki philadelphia and tuna 4pcs, uramaki philadelphia and shrimp 4pcs, Japanese forest 4pcs/ 16pcs.

    27,49 lv.

  • Nigiri set

    salmon nigiri 4 pcs., tuna nigiri 4 pcs., shrimp nigiri/ 12 pcs.

    35,49 lv.

  • Tuna set

    hosomaki tuna 8 pcs., Nigiri tuna 2 pcs. Futomaki tuna 6 pcs, Uramaki philadelphia and tuna 4 pcs / 20 pcs.

    27,49 lv.

  • Rainbow set

    hayabusa 6 pcs, Soy Hosomaki Cucumber 8 pcs, Soy Hosomaki Avocado 8 pcs, Soy Hosomaki Mango 8 pcs, Hosomaki Shrimp /38 pcs

    35,49 lv.

  • Sun set

    Sun roll 6pcs, Hosomaki shrimp 8pcs / 14 bp.

    19,50 lv.

  • Combo Japan classic

    50/50 Hosomaki salmon x tuna 8 pcs, sashimi salmon 100 g, Nigiri salmon 26p, nigiri tuna 2 pcs / 12 6p

    30,49 lv.

  • Combo Dirty Japan

    Sashimi tataki salmon 100 g, Nigiri tataki salmon 2pcs, Nigiri tataki tuna 2 pcs, golden ginger salmon 8 pcs / 12pcs

    34,49 lv.

  • Crab combo

    jaron crab 4 pcs, tiger 4 pcs, hosomaki Kilimanjaro crab 8 pcs, 2 x Nigiri shrimp 4 pcs / 20 bp.

    27,49 lv.

  • Golden combo

    Golden crispy salmon 8бр, Golden ginger salmon 8бр, Golden ronin 4 bp, Golden dragon 6 bp / 26 bp.урамаки катона 46р, урамаки Vegan passion 46р, футомаки Go vegan 66p, хосомаки краставица, Хосомаки авокадо, Хосомаки дайкон, Хосомаки манго 50 / 50-166р / uramaki 30 бр

    36,49 lv.

  • Vegan Paradise combo

    uramaki katona 4pcs, uramaki Vegan passion 4pcs, futomaki Go vegan 6pcs, hosomaki cucumber, Hosomaki avocado, Hosomaki daikon, Hosomaki mango 50/50 16pcs

    38,49 lv.

  • Chicken little combo

    Uramaki Chicken Little 4 pcs, uramaki Philadelphia and chicken 4 pcs, chicken Kilimanjaro hosomaki 8 pcs / 16 pcs.

    20,49 lv.

  • Grand Chicken combo

    2 x chicken boss 12 pcs, Hosomaki chicken Kilimanjaro 8 pcs, Uramaki Teriyaki Chicken 4 pcs, Uramaki Chicken and Crab 4 pcs, Uramaki Philadelphia and Chicken 4 pcs, Uramaki Chicken Little 4 pcs / 36 pcs

    44,49 lv.

  • Combo Kamikadze

    Hosomaki Golden ginger salmon 8 pcs, Futomaki Mr crab 6 pcs, Futomaki chicken boss 6 6p. Üramaki crispy smoke 4 pcs., Üramaki chicken little 4 pcs., Üramaki Rise palas vegis pcs. Uramaki kainbow roll 8 pcs. Futomaki salmon and avocado 6 pcs. Futomaki tuna 6 pcs, uramaki Japanese forest 4 pcs, uramaki tiger 4 pcs, Uramaki tataki roll ton 4 pcs, 80 pcs

    120,49 lv.


  • Wasabi 5g

    1,00 lv.

  • Ginger 5g

    1,00 lv.

  • Soy sauce 10ml

    1,20 lv.


  • Hosomaki cucumber

    sushi rice, nori, sesame mix, cucumber

    4,99 lv.

  • Hosomaki Avocado

    sushi rice, nori, avocado

    5,49 lv.

  • Hosomaki cucumber and Philadelphia

    sushi rice, nori, Philadelphia, cucumber

    5,39 lv.

  • Hosomaki Avocado and Philadelphia

    sushi rice, nori, Philadelphia, avocado

    5,99 lv.

  • Hosomaki daikon

    sushi rice, nori, daikon

    5,29 lv.

  • Hosomaki mango

    sushi rice, nori, mango

    5,39 lv.

  • Hosomaki salmon

    sushi rice, nori, avocado salmon

    7,69 lv.

  • Hosomaki smoked salmon

    sushi rice, nori, smoked salmon, cucumber

    6,99 lv.

  • Hosomaki tuna

    sushi rice, nori, tuna

    7,69 lv.

  • Hosomaki kilimanjaro salmon

    sushi rice, soy paper, philadelphia, spicy salmon, teriyaki sauce

    8,99 lv.

  • Hosomaki kilimanjaro crab

    sushi rice, soy paper, Philadelphia, crab salad, teriyaki sauce

    7,99 lv.

  • Hosomaki kilimanjaro chicken

    sushi rice, soy paper, chicken mixture, teriyaki

    7,69 lv.

  • Hosomaki Golden crispy salmon

    breaded roll, sushi rice, nori, Philadelphia, spicy salmon, teriyaki

    8,99 lv.

  • Hosomaki Golden ginger salmon

    breaded roll, sushi rice, nori, ginger, salmon, chives, teriyaki

    9,99 lv.

  • Hosomaki shrimp

    sushi rice, soy paper, ebi fry shrimp, yuzu, Japanese mayonnaise

    7,79 lv.

  • Soy Hosomaki Cucumber

    sushi rice, soy paper, philadelphia, cucumber

    7,39 lv.

  • Soy Hosomaki Avocado

    sushi rice, soy paper, philadelphia, avocado

    7,59 lv.

  • Soy Hosomaki Mango

    sushi rice, soy paper, philadelphia, mango

    7,69 lv.


  • Futomaki salmon and avocado

    sushi rice, nori, salmon, avocado

    9,49 lv.

  • Futomaki smoked salmon

    sushi rice, nori, smoked salmon, cucumber, avocado, chives

    9,49 lv.

  • Futomaki Go vegan

    sushi rice, nori, daikon cucumber, avocado, chives and mango

    8,89 lv.

  • Futomaki tuna

    sushi rice, nori, tuna, cucumber, mango, Japanese mayonnaise

    9,69 lv.

  • Futomaki Hayabusa

    sushi rice, soy paper, salmon, Philadelphia, avocado and mango

    10,09 lv.

  • Futomaki Mister Crab

    sushi rice, soy paper, crab mix ebi fry shrimp, cucumber

    9,09 lv.

  • Futomaki Golden dragon

    breaded roll, sushi rice, nori, avocado, Philadelphia, ebi fry shrimp, teriyaki, Japanese mayonnaise l

    10,69 lv.

  • Futomaki chicken boss

    sushi rice, nori, cheddar, breaded chicken, Philadelphia, cucumber, Japanese mayonnaise, kimchi sesame

    10,29 lv.

  • Futomaki Sun roll

    sushi rice, soy paper, Philadelphia, cucumber, ebi fry shrimp, tobiko, yuzu, Japanese mayonnaise

    9,69 lv.


  • Uramaki philadelphia and salmon

    nori, sushi rice, Philadelphia, salmon, cucumber, sesame mix

    7,29 lv.

  • Uramaki philadelphia and smoked salmon

    Nori, sushi rice, Philadelphia, smoked salmon, cucumber, sesame mix

    6,79 lv.

  • Uramaki philadelphia and tuna

    nori, sushi rice, philadelphia, tuna, cucumber, sesame mix

    7,19 lv.

  • Uramaki hot tuna

    nori, sushi rice, tuna fillet, kimchi sauce, mango and kimchi sesame

    7,19 lv.

  • Uramaki philadelphia and shrimp

    nori, sushi rice, Philadelphia, shrimp, cucumber, tempura, Japanese mayonnaise cucumber, tempura, Japanese mayonnaise

    7,09 lv.

  • Uramaki vegan passion

    sushi rice, nori daikon, avocado, cucumber

    6,99 lv.

  • Uramaki katana

    sushi rice, nori, daikon, avocado, cucumber, sesame mix, dressed with avocado

    6,99 lv.

  • Uramaki Chicken Little

    sushi rice, nori, tempura, breaded chicken, Philadelphia, cucumber, Japanese mayonnaise

    7,19 lv.

  • Uramaki Teriyaki Chicken

    sushi rice, nori, chicken mixture, kimchi sesame, Philadelphia, cucumber, teriyaki sauce

    7,09 lv.

  • Uramaki chicken and crab

    sushi rice, nori, Philadelphia, tobiko, cucumber, chicken mix

    7,49 lv.

  • Uramaki japan crab

    sushi rice, nori, crab mix, tobiko, ebi fry shrimp, avocado, Japanese mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce

    7,09 lv.

  • Uramaki Japanese Forest

    sushi rice, nori, philadelphia, smoked salmon, cucumber dressed in avocado

    7,09 lv.

  • Uramaki philadelphia and chicken

    sushi rice, nori, breaded chicken, Philadelphia, cucumber, cheddar, Japanese mayonnaise

    7,19 lv.

  • Uramaki crispy smoke

    sushi rice, nori, Philadelphia, tempura, avocado, smoked salmon, Japanese mayonnaise

    7,39 lv.

  • Uramaki tataki salmon

    sushi rice, nori, salmon, avocado, teriyaki sauce, kimchi sesame

    9,69 lv.

  • Uramaki tataki tuna

    sushi rice, nori, tuna, cucumber, teriyaki sauce, cumin and sesame, cumin sauce

    9,69 lv.

  • Uramaki samurai spirit

    sushi rice, nori, cucumber, avocado, chives, dressed in salmon

    9,79 lv.

  • Uramaki Rainbow roll

    sushi rice, nori, cucumber, avocado, mango, shrimp, dressed in salmon and tuna

    16,99 lv.

  • Uramaki Geisha

    sushi rice, Philadelphia, avocado, tempura, salmon

    16,49 lv.

  • Uramaki Rice palace

    sushi rice, rice paper, salmon, philadelphia, cucumber, kimchi sesame

    12,49 lv.

  • Uramaki Rice palace smoke

    sushi rice, rice paper, smoked salmon, Philadelphia, avocado, kimchi sesame

    12,49 lv.

  • Uramaki Rice palace vegi

    sushi rice, rice paper, avocado, Philadelphia, cucumber, sesame mix

    11,49 lv.


  • Nigiri tuna

    sushi rice, tuna

    6,50 lv.

  • Nigiri tuna tataki

    sushi rice, tuna, teriyaki sauce and chives

    7,00 lv.

  • Nigiri salmon

    sushi rice, salmon

    6,50 lv.

  • Nigiri salmon tataki

    sushi rice, salmon, teriyaki sauce

    7,00 lv.

  • Nigiri shrimp

    sushi rice, shrimp

    6,00 lv.


  • Salmon sashimi

    salmon, cucumber 100 g

    12,99 lv.

  • Sashimi salmon tataki

    salmon, teriyaki sauce, cucumber 100 g

    13,99 lv.

  • Sashimi tuna

    tuna fillet, cucumber 100 g

    13,99 lv.

  • Sashimi tuna tataki

    tuna fillet, teriyaki sauce, chives, cucumber 100 g

    14,99 lv.

  • Edamame

    едамаме шушулки с морска сол 150 г

    4,50 lv.

  • Wakame

    Marinated wakame, daikon 150 g

    6,50 lv.


  • Chirashi salmon

    marinated rice, cucumber, avocado, Philadelphia, salmon, teriyaki sauce and sesame mix 250 g

    15,99 lv.

  • Chirashi crab

    marinated rice, cucumber, avocado, surimi, shrimp, Japanese mayonnaise, tobiko, sesame mix 250 g

    14,49 lv.

  • Chirashi smoked salmon

    marinated rice, cucumber, avocado, Philadelphia, smoked salmon, teriyaki sauce and sesame mix 250 g

    15,99 lv.

  • Chirashi vegie

    marinated rice, avocado, cucumber, mango, daikon, chives 250 9

    13,49 lv.

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