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Order Sushi in Bulgaria | Takeaway.com

Bulgaria is a country that has seen many transformations throughout its existence, as it has adapted to the changing state of the surrounding European continent. In the process, it has picked up a unique and vibrant culture that will delight and fascinate any visitor to the country. From colourful towns like Burgas and Koprivshtitsa, to the snow-swept mountain retreat of Bansko beloved by skiers, Bulgaria offers a full spectrum of attractions. Perhaps its biggest appeal is its history: the city of Sofia alone has everything from Roman ruins to the Neo-Byzantine Alexander Nevsky Cathedral that was constructed in 1912. Bulgaria is particularly proud of its medieval heritage, which is reflected in everything from its literature to its architecture, and visitors to the country may well feel that they have stepped out of time.

Sampling the cuisine of Bulgaria

Bulgaria has a rich culinary tradition of its own, one that can be traced back deep into the country's history. The traditional breakfast of Bulgaria is banitsa, a dish consisting of whisked eggs mixed with cheese and placed between filo pastry, all of which is then oven-baked together; on some occasions, including New Year's Eve, it is customary to place small lucky charms into the pastry. Much Bulgarian cuisine is based around dairy, which can be found in a variety of innovative forms. Sirene, a brined cheese which can be made from cow, sheep or goat milk, is known for its grainy, crumbly texture and used in a large number of different dishes including soups, salad, omelettes, stuffed peppers and more; the cheese is sometimes served on its own as an appetiser. The development of Bulgarian cuisine has long been an international phenomenon. As far back as the middle ages, the country has imported dishes from the Middle East as travellers and traders introduced Bulgarians to the exotic and delicious food found abroad. Among the Middle Eastern dishes to have entered Bulgarian tradition is halva, a confection made from sesame paste and sugar or honey, often with additional ingredients such as chocolate or pistachio nuts.

Find sushi near you and order online

Many Bulgarian cities, including Sofia, Dryanovo and Yambol, have takeaways that provide sushi deliveries. If you have decided on sushi for your next meal, but want to order from the comfort of your own home, then Takeaway.com is the ideal place to order sushi online. Just follow these steps to order sushi:

  1. Enter your address into the site's search bar.
  2. Pick a price range that suits you.
  3. Pick a restaurant from the list.
  4. Browse the menu and choose your dishes.
  5. Pay, and then wait for your sushi delivery!

So if you have a hankering for sushi rather than more traditional Bulgarian fare, find sushi near you and order sushi delivery with Takeaway.com, today!