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Get Chinese food delivery in Bulgaria | Takeaway.com

Chinese Takeaway Near You in Bulgaria | Takeaway.com

Difficulty deciding what to serve? With such a diverse range of dishes, a Chinese takeaway is the ideal option for satisfying anybody’s appetite. A great idea for dinner parties and family get-togethers, with Takeaway.com, you can enjoy a Chinese food delivery to a wide number of Bulgarian cities.

Hungry in Haskovo? Just order Chinese food online and satisfy your appetite without putting on your shoes. Need a snack in Shumen? Just follow the easy 5-step order process listed below, and you'll have a dish at your door, ready to eat. From Razgrad to Ruse, Takeaway.com has a list of convenient Chinese food delivery services near you in Bulgaria.

Soothe the soul with traditional Chinese food

Chinese food is traditionally very diverse. Featuring influences from countries throughout Asia, the spices, sauces and tastes which enhance the staples of rice and noodles ensure every dish is exciting. As well as an array of vegetables known well in the Western kitchen, Chinese dishes often also include more specific items such as water chestnuts, bok choy and beansprouts. As well as offering meat and fish options, there are a number of exciting choices for vegetarians; these include tofu dishes, as well as fried rice variations.

It has always been important in Chinese culinary culture for the dishes to be healthy and balanced, with cooking being regarded as a high art with medicinal qualities. With a mix of vegetables as the base, Chinese food is often fried lightly in a Wok and served with steamed or fried rice. The most readily available classic, however, is the humble Chinese dumpling. Made traditionally with chopped vegetables and minced meat and covered in thin dough, these are then steamed, boiled or fried, and have been a staple of Chinese cuisine for over 1800 years.

Today, Chinese food doesn’t just boast Asian influences, but has been adapted by many countries across the globe. No matter the regional twist, however, it's the spices and condiments give Chinese recipes their specific flavouring. Common to the cuisine is soy sauce, which was originally used as a preservative in the same way that salt was utilised in the Western world. Ginger, garlic and sesame are regularly used to add extra spice to meals, and all dishes are complemented by the wide range of sauces available, such as fish, oyster, hoisin, or the ever-popular sweet and sour sauce.

For those with a hearty appetite, traditional Chinese dumplings are always a winner, although chow mein (stir-fried noodles) is a good way to fill up and can be made for vegetarians, meat-eaters and pescatarians alike. If you're looking for something lighter as a treat, try a dessert instead of a meal. Ice creams and shaved ices covered with sweet syrups are commonly offered, as are a variety of jellies and candies which are flavoured with fruits and honey. But the real joy is in the rice-based offerings. Gua (or gao) are snack-like portions of steamed, glutinous (sticky) rice. Very different from Western desserts, they can have a multitude of textures, from firm and chewy, to fluffy and sponge-like.

If you're not feeling particularly adventurous, try bing, a baked, wheat-flour pastry with a flaky consistency that is very similar to European short-crust pastries. But no matter what you decide to order, remember to fully embrace this culinary culture by asking for chopsticks with your delivery!

How to find a Chinese takeaway near you

Whether it’s for business or pleasure, you can fuel your stay in Bulgaria with delicious Chinese food. Takeaway.com have made it easy, so just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Type in your street or post code in the box provided
  2. Select a restaurant
  3. Choose from the tasty selection of Chinese dishes
  4. Pick a payment method
  5. Pick up your chopsticks and dig in!

Don't like to travel with foreign currency? No problem! Just order Chinese food online from Takeaway.com now and pay using Paypal or your credit card.