Sweet Temptations "Ay"|Сладки Изкушения "Ай"

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  • Taiwanese bubble tea
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Popular ❤️

Sweet Bubble Wafers

  • Raffaello

    white chocolate, 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream or homemade cream, coconut, Raffaello candy, sliced ​​almonds

    9,99 lv.

  • Twix

    brown chocolate, 2 scoops of ice cream or homemade cream, peanut butter, caramel

    9,99 lv.

  • Oreo

    brown chocolate, 2 scoops of ice cream of your choice or homemade cream, banana, whole "Oreo" cookie and crushed "Oreo" cookies

    9,99 lv.

  • Honey

    homemade honey, walnuts

    7,99 lv.

  • Kinder

    brown chocolate, 2 scoops of ice cream of your choice or homemade cream, banana, "Kinder bueno", cigars

    9,99 lv.

  • Fruit

    brown chocolate, 2 scoops of ice cream of your choice or homemade cream, mix of seasonal fruits (banana, strawberry, blueberry), fruit topping

    9,99 lv.

  • DIY Waffel

    4,00 lv.

Salty Bubble Wafers

  • Salty waffle with sausage

    lettuce, homemade sauce, sausage, processed cheese or cheddar, tomato, cucumber

    9,99 lv.

  • Salty waffle with ham

    lettuce, homemade sauce, ham, processed cheese or cheddar, tomato, cucumber

    9,99 lv.

Taiwanese bubble tea

  • Bubble tea with milk

    6,00 lv.

  • Bubble tea with water

    5,00 lv.

  • Bubble tea with iced tea

    5,50 lv.

Combo menu

  • Sweet waffle of your choice + soft drink

    10,99 lv.

  • Salty waffle with sausage + soft drink

    10,99 lv.

  • Salty waffle with ham + soft drink

    10,99 lv.

Homemade desserts

  • Künefe

    kadaif with mozzarella, sugar syrup, pistachios, a scoop of ice cream (in a separate box)

    8,00 lv.

  • Napoleon

    puff pastry puffs with homemade cream

    7,00 lv.

  • Katmer

    9,99 lv.


  • French macarons (mix)

    6 psc

    13,00 lv.

  • Rock

    1 piece

    2,20 lv.

  • Coconut ball

    1 piece

    2,20 lv.

  • Big Kiss (Crispy)

    1 piece

    1,50 lv.

  • Big kiss (chewing)

    1 piece

    1,50 lv.

  • Pack of little kisses

    3,00 lv.

  • Painted sweet pack

    6,00 lv.

Boxes of sweets

  • My Childhood Box

    sweet salami, scallion, 2 cones with cream, walnut with milk cream, walnut with chocolate, walnut mix, walnut with caramel, walnut with cream - 360 g.

    12,50 lv.

  • Healthy box

    Gluten-free sweets without sugar, oat sweets without sugar, vegan brownies without sugar, raw gluten-free sweets without sugar - 250 g.

    11,00 lv.

  • Small box "Assorted"

    Cigar with milk chocolate, countess, duchess, princess, chocolate tolumbicka, peach, apple strudel, smiley, honey horseshoe, Turkish delight, Armenian sweet - 300 g.

    9,50 lv.

  • Medium box "Assorted"

    "Krokan" cigar, princess with almond and white chocolate, marquise, homemade buttercream with almond, Raffaello, truffles, whole grain sweets with natural chocolate and with white chocolate and coconut, white chocolate and caramel cupcakes, Nutella cupcakes, almond freckle, rice jam, carrot jam, natural oat biscuit, orange cookie, pistachio cookie, crunchy almond jam, homemade walnut and almond cookie - 500 g.

    18,00 lv.

  • Large box "Assorted"

    1 kg. Mix of sweets

    32,00 lv.

  • Plateau "Mix"

    1.400 kg. - An exceptional variety of sweets for every taste, beautifully arranged in a tray ready to be served

    45,00 lv.

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Renato Orezzoli
Sunday 26 May 2024
Renato Orezzoli
Wednesday 15 May 2024
Renato Orezzoli
Wednesday 15 May 2024
Sunday 12 May 2024
Nadya Dyulgerova
Thursday 02 May 2024
Delivery time
Храната беше много вкусна, доставката беше бърза и дамата беше много мила :) Бих поръчала отново!
Dimitrina Kircheva
Sunday 10 March 2024
Paola Porta
Thursday 22 February 2024
Delivery time
Very good quality food and fast delivery by the kind owner. I enjoyed the taste of the waffle and the nice box of sweets. Only an advice: It would be nice to know the name of the sweets in the box: a photo with the names or flavors would be great!
Emma Nelson
Sunday 18 February 2024
Matthias Caruana
Friday 16 February 2024

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Sweet Temptations "Ay"|Сладки Изкушения "Ай"
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