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  • Healthy Sweet Temptations
  • Candy

Healthy Sweet Temptations

  • Keto Coconut panna cotta with white keto chocolate

    soft and tender mousse cake sweetened with erythritol

    10,80 lv.

  • Vegan Chocolate Almond Tart

    chocolate fantasy with coconut cream, maple syrup and dark chocolate

    10,80 lv.

  • Coconut bar with milk chocolate

    milk chocolate with cane sugar, coconut milk and tender coconut shavings

    7,80 lv.

  • Peanut Bar with Maple Syrup

    milk chocolate with cane sugar, tender peanut butter sweetened with maple syrup and pieces of peanuts

    7,20 lv.

  • Keto Brownie Truffle

    a small sphere of keto chocolate fluffy marshmallow covered in vegan dark chocolate sweetened with stevia

    7,20 lv.

  • Keto Nut Fudge

    almonds, cashews, hazelnuts covered in almond tahini combined with keto chocolate

    7,20 lv.

  • Vegan Twix Bar

    dates, vegan milk chocolate, peanut butter, almond flour, maple syrup

    8,40 lv.

  • Mini Baked Keto Raspberry Cheesecake

    cream cheese, cream, erythritol, raspberries

    6,60 lv.

  • Vegan Protein Baskets

    a base of hazelnuts and cashews, and a thick layer of vegan chocolate

    6,90 lv.

  • Gluten-free banana bread with dark chocolate

    5,40 lv.

  • Keto pavlova

    10,20 lv.

  • Keto coffee bar

    8,20 lv.


  • Raw candy with blueberries and orange oil

    3,00 lv.

  • Raw candy with white chocolate mango and passion fruit

    3,00 lv.

  • Art candy with blueberries and white chocolate

    3,00 lv.

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