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KFC Varna

Average 4 stars out of 2306 reviews

With KFC delivery in Varman, you can be sure to get finger-licking chicken brought straight to your home or office any time of the day. The KFC menu has a vast selection of chicken, burgers, sandwiches, desserts, salads and drinks. You will always find something to enjoy with your loved ones, from Mozzarella sticks to a 24-strip bucket. Do not miss out on the spicy wings and french fries topped with garlic sauce, barbeque sauce or mayonnaise, as you prefer. Satisfy your hunger when you place an order with swift KFC delivery in Varman.

KFC restaurants in Varna

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(1792) (1.8k)

KFC|КФС Mall Varna

Burgers, Local heroes
1.89 lv. - 3.89 lv.
(514) (514)

KFC|КФС Делта Планет Мол

Burgers, International, Local heroes
1.89 lv.
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