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Order Thai Food the Easy Way in Belgium | Takeaway.com

Thai Cuisine takes its inspiration from countries as diverse as China, India, and Portugal. Its Szechwan influences are responsible for its chilli, spices, and fresh ingredients, while its unique blend of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy has China to thank. When you order Thai near you, you get to enjoy a gastronomy that formed over centuries from influences all over the world. Thai cuisine varies enormously from region to region. In the North, dishes have their foundation in curry, ginger, and sticky rice. Not to be confused with Southern coconut curry, Northern cuisine has characteristic turmeric, chilly, and tamarind roots, while Southern curries replace ghee with coconut and cashews. Central Thai food is fragrant and complex, so it’s Thailand’s most artistic cuisine. Finally, Northeastern dishes are frequently fermented and substitute fish for meat.

Enjoy Eastern culture when you order Thai food in Belgium

In Asia, gastronomy is about more than just cooking - it's a culture. When Thai families enjoy a meal together, all dishes are shared communally. This allows you to sample a huge range of different flavours. Thai cuisine is as tasty as it is because every dish balances four core flavours, but the nation’s habit of sampling small amounts at a time has its way of adding to your enjoyment. Thais prefer Western cutlery to chopsticks, using a spoon instead of a knife. It’s traditional to enjoy rice on the side and soup in your bowl, but dispensing with leftovers is believed to anger the gods.

Thai Food delivery to the city of your choice

If you’re craving the delicate flavours of Thailand in Antwerp, Takeaway.com has a range of restaurants that are sure to delight. Whether you’re ordering from Henegouwen, or Brussels you'll get your meal delivered to your doorstep with ease. Serving tourists and locals as well as business visitors, Takeaway.com is sure to have a Thai takeaway near you that suits your needs.

How to order Thai online in Belgium

Using Takeaway.com is easy. Simply place your order with the following steps:

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Thai food is one of the most celebrated cuisines in the world for its balance and sheer moreishness. Curries and satays might be the most famous Thai dishes, but the cuisine offers a wealth of variety. There are nutty salads and broths for small appetites, and noodles for the large of appetite. Whatever your choice of dish, you’ll find Thai ingredients are always fresh and healthy. Sate your hunger with Takeaway.com today.