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Order Burgers in Belgium | Takeaway.com

Belgians are famously called “bon vivants” - a label that points to their sociable and opulent lifestyle. This way of life filters into more than just their everyday habits, but also into their cuisine. Belgian food is luxurious, carefully crafted, and versatile. It might be a tiny country, but it has a huge gastronomic soul. A Belgian waffle tour is highly recommended, but don’t neglect its exquisite medieval region, which was once a trade route and Renaissance centre. Stroll along its historic canals and cobblestone streets, sampling craft beer and pralines as you go. There’s no better way to enjoy Belgium's Old World facades than from a horse-drawn carriage. Harvest season is ideal for a beer tour. Belgium is known for its hops-based beverages and fashionable stores. The Northern City of Bruges is one of its favourite destinations, and while you’re there, consider a pilgrimage to the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Order burger deliveries the Belgian way

Belgium is famous for its waffles, beer, and chocolate, but its restaurants also serve spectacular burgers. Huggy’s Bar and Baogo serve gourmet burgers that are as rich as any traditional Belgian dish. Luxembourg’s top burger outlets can be found around Belair, but if you’re in Antwerpen, try the top-rated diners on Groenplaats street, which opens just in time for lunch. Oost-Vlaanderen’s Route 46 is an Americanised diner that serves food late into the evening. If you’re hungry but too lazy to go out, simply order your meal online with Takeaway.com.

Belgium's unique take on burgers

Belgians love burgers, so you’ll find everything from fast food to gourmet options. If you’re vegan, soya meat is also on offer. In the mood for something off-the-wall? Try a Damhert worm burger in Limburg. Although insect-based dishes aren’t widespread in the country, you’ll find Tandoori Insect burgers in Oostend. This is all a far cry from the original burger, which was invented in Hamburg in the 19th century. Hamburg cow meat was blended with garlic and onion-based dishes and served without a bun. Bread-based burgers were first prepared in America by a Danish immigrant. Every time you bite into your delicious meal, give a salute to its inventor, Louis Lassen.

How to order burgers and other food online in Belgium

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  5. Place your order and choose your payment preference.

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, whiling away your lunch break from work, or ordering in from an Airbnb home away from home, Takeaway.com will bring your dish to your door. For the ultimate in convenience, use Takeaway.com to order burger delivery today!