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  • Ice Vegan Milk Tea Mix
  • Ice Fruity Mix
  • Ice Milk Foam Signature Tea
  • Ice Original Milk Tea
  • Ice Original Tea

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  • Chocolate Milk tea

    € 6,90

  • Chocolate Matcha Milk tea

    € 6,90

Ice Vegan Milk Tea Mix

  • Taro Milk Tea

    Taro Milk

    € 6,90

  • Strawberry Green Milk Tea

    Green tea, Vegan Milk Creamer, Strawberry Syrup (contains pulp)

    € 6,90

  • Peach Green Milk Tea

    Green Tea, Vegan Milk Creamer, Peach Syrup

    € 6,90

  • Matcha Milk Tea

    Thé Matcha - Crème de Lait Vegan

    € 6,90

Ice Fruity Mix

  • QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea

    Green tea, Passion Fruit flavour (contains pulp). Nata de Coco, Pearl

    € 7,60

  • Peach Green Tea

    Green Tea, Peach flavour

    € 6,90

Ice Milk Foam Signature Tea

  • Milk Foam Green Tea

    Milk Foam, Green Tea

    € 6,50

  • Milk Foam Black Tea

    Milk Foam, Black Tea

    € 6,50

  • Milk Foam Winter Melon

    Milk Foam, Winter Melon

    € 6,50

Ice Original Milk Tea

  • Black Milk Tea

    Black Tea, Vegan Milk Creamer

    € 6,50

  • Green Milk Tea

    Green Tea , Vegan Milk Creamer

    € 6,50

Ice Original Tea

  • Green Tea

    Green tea

    € 5,85

  • Black Tea

    Black tea

    € 5,85

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