I have added users, but they don't see their allowance. What can I do?

I have added users, but they don't see their allowance. What can I do?

Your company may not be active yet. You can activate your company by clicking on the activation banner at the top of the screen.

It could also be that the users' group is not active. Select the group, click on the three dots and choose `Activate'. If everything is already active and the issue continues, please contact your Takeaway Pay account manager.

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I have added users to a budget group during the month. How much allowance will they receive?
Currently, the users will receive the full monthly allowance set for this budget group. We are working to change this to a proportional amount depending on the start date.
Will I receive separate invoices for transactions on the card and those made online?
No, both online and card transactions will be on one invoice.
Can the card be used for online purchases?
No, the card only works offline. For online transactions, please use the digital Takeaway Pay product.
What does KYC mean?
Adyen is our issuing partner for the Takeaway Pay cards and is obligated to know their clients. Payment industry regulations require Adyen to verify the identity of their clients t...
What do I need to do when a user loses their card?
Please set the card status to `Disabled' in the admin portal and order a new card.
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