Takeaway Pay

Takeaway Pay for employees

Takeaway Pay is a digital allowance provided by your employer for ordering food via Takeaway.com. Check out our website for more information.

I want my company to subscribe, how does it work?

Great! You can contact our team via takeawaypay-be@takeaway.com or +3289680471, or refer your company to our website to get more information and register.

How can I order using my Takeaway Pay allowance?

  1. Log in to our website or app with the email address linked to your Takeaway Pay allowance.
  2. Select pickup or delivery, find your favourite bites and continue to the checkout page by clicking "Order."
  3. On the checkout page, your allowance will be automatically deducted from the total amount.

If your allowance covers the full amount, the order can be completed. If the allowance doesn't cover the total amount, the remaining balance can be paid with another online payment method.

Who can I contact if I have questions or issues?

For questions about your allowance, please contact your company's Takeaway Pay administrator. For questions about orders, delivery and other platform-related queries, our Customer Services team will be happy to help.

I have not received the activation email yet. What can I do?

Please note that it can take up to 1 hour to receive the activation email after your company admin activates your allowance. If you already have an account on Takeaway.com with the email address your company admin entered, you will not receive an email. Your allowance will automatically appear on the payment screen when you're logged in.

How do I activate my account for Takeaway Pay?

To connect your allowance to your Takeaway.com account, you simply need to activate your account for Takeaway Pay:

  1. Click 'Activate now' in the activation email you receive.

If you haven't received the activation email, please make sure to first check your spam inbox. If you still haven't received the activation email, please contact your company's Takeaway Pay administrator or event organiser and ask them to resend it.

  1. If you already have a Takeaway.com account, you can log in and link your Takeaway Pay allowance to this account. If you don't have an account or prefer to receive your allowance on a new account, you can create a new one.

  2. Log in to your Takeaway.com account via our website or mobile app. Your available allowance will be visible in the main menu.

Should I connect my Takeaway Pay allowance to my existing Takeaway.com account or should I create a new account?

It's up to you! Some people prefer to connect their Takeaway Pay allowance to their professional email address if the allowance is provided by their company.

Where do I log in to order using my Takeaway Pay allowance?

Go to Takeaway.com via our app or website. Click the menu icon and log in with your account details. Order from the restaurant of your choice. If your Takeaway Pay allowance is available, you will see it on the checkout page.

Why isn't my Takeaway Pay allowance available right now?

Your company or event organiser may set restrictions on when and where your Takeaway Pay allowance is available. Please contact your Takeaway Pay administrator if you have questions.

Something went wrong and now my Takeaway Pay allowance is gone. What can I do?

We're sorry that you're experiencing some technical issues. Your allowance will be available again in 1 hour. Please wait and try again.

Why can't I use my Takeaway Pay allowance when ordering from cash-only restaurants?

Takeaway Pay is a digital payment method. This means cash-only restaurants cannot accept Takeaway Pay as a payment method.