How is the ranking list of Takeaway.com compiled?

The order of restaurants in the restaurant list of Takeaway.com is determined by a so-called "living algorithm". The final position of a restaurant is subject to a combination of a large variety of factors, where relevance for the customer is central. The most important factors for determining a place of restaurants on this list are the distance to the customer and the quality of the food. Popularity also plays a role in the determination. In addition, there are so-called temporary factors (for example busy times due to or during a public holiday) and less important factors. Finally, we allow restaurants to purchase an improvement in position in order to get more orders.

As all factors of our weighting are constantly changing, so is our ranking list. It may, therefore, be that your neighbor sees a different ranking than you do, but also, for example, that there's a big difference between your ranking list at 5:00 pm and the same list at 9:00 pm.

Besides that, you can always use filters to sort on a different basis than our standard list. However, we assume that we generally display the most relevant list for you, based on the location where you are. After all, tastes differ!

Most important factors

Distance We show restaurants that are close by with priority above restaurants that are further away because Takeaway.com wants to spread the orders that arrive on our site as much as possible over the participating restaurants. This does not simply mean that the quality of these restaurants is lower than those of the other restaurants in the immediate surrounding area. For example, a distance of 4 kilometers can be bridged in just a few minutes. We do, however, ensure in general that our customers have to wait as little as possible for their food, and restaurants have to make as few kilometers as possible.

Quality The quality score is a measurement based on the average feedback of our customers. In this way, it sketches a true image of the delivered quality because Thuisbezorgd.nl has millions of customers. The better and the closer a restaurant is based, the higher this restaurant is positioned in the restaurant list. In addition, the quality of each restaurant is indicated on the restaurant list.

Popularity Popular restaurants often employ more delivery staff and can, therefore, cover a larger delivery area and can handle a (much) larger number of orders. Based on this popularity, they are often placed somewhat higher than restaurants that do not have this kind of capacity. As a rule, this applies especially to chains, but could also apply, for example, to trendy restaurants in the center of a city. Temporary factors Next to the above-noted factors, there are a large number of other cases that have a large - if temporary - impact on the position of a restaurant. This concerns, for example, the weather, the busyness of the website, opening times and public holidays, but also the capacity of the restaurant or the delivery service. If it is busy and there are not enough couriers available, we may place restaurants on a lower position in the restaurant list. In addition, both Thuisbezorgd.nl and the restaurant can decide to close a restaurant if it is too busy. This happens regularly.

New restaurants
New restaurants often get an improved position from Takeaway.com, mostly because there are too few (quality) reviews available about new restaurants. After all, very few orders have been placed. To help such restaurants get started they receive a temporary higher position. The consumer will discover these restaurants sooner because they are higher on the list. New restaurants are displayed with the "New" label next to the restaurant's logo.

Sponsored results (TopRank) Finally a restaurant can temporarily get a higher rank up the list by using TopRank. Restaurants use this to be able to receive more orders. For example, a good 4-star restaurant could well be under a 3-star restaurant, if it's further away. It is also possible that a certain restaurant wants more orders on Mondays, while it is usually busy on Sundays. Takeaway.com offers such restaurants the opportunity to offer a higher position. This normally leads to a restaurant receiving more orders.

Restaurants pay for this method, but this temporary higher position is always in proportion to the order based on, for example, distance, reviews and popularity of the restaurant, as explained above. To ensure that the ranking remains relevant to you, restaurants are limited to the extent that they can buy themselves a higher place in the restaurant list. For example, it is way too expensive for restaurant #150 in (a part of) Groningen to buy themselves to the number 1 position for the entire city. The increasing effect of TopRank differs per location since factors such as distance, popularity and quality play the most important role in the ranking of the restaurants. When a restaurant gets a higher rank on the list as a result of TopRank, we indicate this with the word "Sponsored". Even when using TopRank, your feedback will always have a direct influence on the position of the restaurant on the restaurant list. This is important to Takeaway.com because we want to reward restaurants for a good service to you, while we offer you the best food-ordering experience possible.