How is the position of restaurants listed on Takeaway.com organised?

The order of restaurants in the restaurant list of Takeaway.com is dynamic and subject to a wide variety of factors. One aim remains constant though - the position of a restaurant is based on its relevance to customers.

With this in mind, the main ranking parameters that we use on the platform are the main factors used to determine the order and prominence in which restaurants appear on our platform for the default listing (what we refer to as the ''best match''). Please note that when sorting options available on the website or mobile application are used, this will affect the impact of these parameters on that search or listing results, as the selected sorting option will typically focus on one specific parameter. The most important factors are distance to the customer and the "quality score", which is based on reviews. Popularity (i.e. the number of orders a restaurant receives) also plays a role in the determination. In addition, there are so-called temporary factors (for example the weather, or busy times due to or during a public holiday). Finally, we allow restaurants to purchase an improvement in position in order to increase their visibility which will be displayed on the Platform as "sponsored".

As all factors of our weighting are constantly changing, so is our ranking of restaurants (i.e. the order in which customers will see restaurants on the platform). It may, therefore, be that your neighbour sees a different ranking than you do, but also, for example, that there is a big difference between your ranking list at 5:00 pm and the same list at 9:00 pm.

Besides that, you can always use filters to sort on a different basis than our standard list. However, we assume that we generally display the most relevant list for you, based on the location where you are. After all, tastes differ!

Most important factors (main parameters)

Distance The most important ranking parameter is distance. We show restaurants that are close by with priority above restaurants that are further away because Takeaway.com wants to spread the orders that arrive on our site as much as possible over the participating restaurants. We also want to ensure in general that our customers have to wait as little as possible for their food, and restaurants have to travel as few kilometres as possible when delivering their food. When the 'pick-up' option is selected instead of delivery, we recognise that location is even more important to customers and so all restaurants will be ranked only based on distance in the default listing.

Quality The quality score is a measurement based on the average feedback of our customers via their most recent food and delivery ratings. In this way, we feel it shows a fair image of the delivered quality because Takeaway.com has millions of customers, all with different preferences.

Popularity Popular restaurants often employ more delivery staff and can, therefore, typically cover a larger delivery area and a larger number of orders. Based on this popularity, they are often placed somewhat higher than restaurants that do not have this kind of capacity. Popularity is based on the amount of recent orders processed by a restaurant in comparison to other restaurants in that area. As a rule, this mainly applies to chains, but could also apply to bigger restaurants in the centre of a city.

New restaurants New restaurants temporarily receive an improved position on Takeaway.com, mostly because there are little reviews available for new restaurants. After all, very few orders have been placed. To help such restaurants get started they receive a temporary (for a week, on average) higher position. New restaurants are displayed with the "New" label next to the restaurant's logo.

The parameters as described above form the main parameters we use. Please note that the content or characteristics of a restaurant's menu or meals will on its own not have an effect on its position on the platform, but could in turn impact the quality score due to better reviews.

Temporary factors There are other factors that may temporarily influence the position of a restaurant, either indirectly because they impact the quality or popularity, or directly due to us temporarily moving restaurants down the list where we know that their orders are unlikely to be delivered to customers within a reasonable timeframe. These factors include, but are not limited to the weather, crowds at a particular location, opening hours, holidays and the capacity of the restaurant or delivery service. In addition, both Takeaway.com and the restaurant can decide to "close" a restaurant on the platform temporarily if it is too busy. This happens regularly.

Sponsored Results Restaurants can improve their visibility on the platform by moving up the list of ''best match'' search results shown to customers by using our paid for sponsorship service, "TopRank". This improved visibility is in proportion to the ranking they would otherwise have on Takeaway.com based on the ranking parameters listed above. For example, a good 4-star restaurant could well be shown below a 3-star restaurant in the list that a customer sees if it's further away, and so that restaurant may wish to boost its visibility by using TopRank. It is also possible that a certain restaurant wants more orders on Mondays, while it is usually busy on Sundays, and so it will use TopRank only on Mondays with the goal of boosting its orders on that day only.

Please note that while TopRank is an important tool that can be used to improve the visibility of restaurants, relevance to customers continues to be the key aim behind our ranking. To ensure that the ranking remains relevant to customers, restaurants are limited in the extent they can improve their visibility in the restaurant list using TopRank. For example, it is way too expensive for restaurant #150 in an outer suburb of a city to use TopRank and obtain the number 1 position for the entire city. Additionally there are limits in place that restrict the number of places restaurants can move up the list, to ensure that even when restaurants are using TopRank, customers' feedback will always have a direct influence on the position of the restaurant in the restaurant list. This is important to Takeaway.com because we want to reward restaurants for a good service to customers, while we offer customers the best food-ordering experience possible.

Favourites Customers have the possibility to categorise restaurants as one of their "favourites". These restaurants will appear on the top of the listing in order for customers to find their favourite restaurants more easily. This is therefore a personal parameter, dictated solely by the customer.

Testing From time to time, we may run tests or experiments to monitor and improve our service, and these may have a temporary impact on the position of restaurants.