Loyalty shop and loyalty points

What are loyalty points?

You collect loyalty points with each order. You can redeem your loyalty points for vouchers, non-cash prizes and discounts.

How do I collect loyalty points?

In exchange for ordering via our site, you receive loyalty points from us. When you have received enough loyalty points, you can redeem them here for third party offers of your choice.

How many loyalty points do I receive?

You receive 10 loyalty points for each time you order.

Where can I see how many loyalty points I've collected?

You need to log into your account to see how many loyalty points you have.

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

We have attractive vouchers and discounts from our partners waiting for you in our Loyalty shop. Each partner offer shows you how many loyalty points you need to redeem the offer, whether you have loyalty points left, or if the offer is no longer available. Choose 'Redeem Offer' on the desired offer and you'll receive your voucher and more information. Please note: offers are only available while supplies last.

I didn't recive any loyalty points for my order.

Loyalty points will be credited to your account within 24 hours. You can't combine your points with other coupons and discounts. This means you only receive points if you order without the addition of coupons or rebates.

Why can't I use my voucher from a chosen partner?

Each partner determines the terms and conditions of their coupons individually. Please make sure you read the terms & conditions of this offer.

Where can I see the voucher code for the redeemed offer?

After redemption, the code will be shown in an extra window. Later, you will be able to check all your redeemed vouchers under "redeemed deals".