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Frite & Bourlette

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Order Frite et Bourlette in Belgium for a tasty homemade burger with a side of fries. Don't fancy a burger? Then check out the tacos, pittas and specials on the Frite et Bourlette menu. Choose a delicious Crizly (sliced meat) skewer, plain or garlic dumplings, Mini Loempia (spring rolls) or a traditional Belgian Fricandelle minced meat snack. You'll find chicken drumsticks for an easy-to-hold treat, while for those picky young eaters, there is an amazing children's box that includes fries, salads, and a sauce of their choice. When it's time for your meal, Frite et Bourlette delivery in Belgium gets it to you fast.

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Frite & Bourlette Leval

Пита/Кебап, Пържени картофи, Бургери
€ 2,00